New books in Reasonable Doubt series

De playstation moorden


Two new books have been published in the Reasonable Doubt series (including our first publication in English!): De PlayStation-moorden and The Creative Carpenter.

De PlayStation-moorden (The PlayStation-murders) discusses a murder case in which three men planned to rob a man who sold illegally adapted PlayStations. The robbery resulted in three deaths. However, one of the men claimed not to know how violent the robbery was going to be. This book meticulously reviews the existing evidence to determine whether the man should be deemed an accomplice. Or not.

In 2011, a carpenter was convicted of dismembering and beheading two women and sentenced to life in prison. However, this conviction was not based on evidence but solely upon his sinister drawings and poems. Our first publication in English, The Creative Carpenter, examines this case and the issues it raises concerning biased presentation of evidence in court.