The members of the Amsterdam Laboratory for Legal Psychology conduct research on diverse topics within legal psychology.


Validity of Statements

In the research project Validity of Statements, ALLP members examine how we can determine to what extent statements by witnesses, victims and suspect correspond to what really happened. In his Ph.D. research, André de Zutter, supervised by Robert Horselenberg and Peter van Koppen, examined the validity of rape allegations. He identified a number of crucial […]

Eyewitness Collaboration

In the research project Eyewitness Collaboration, financed by the Society in Science in Switzerland, Dr. Annelies Vredeveldt and Prof. Peter van Koppen investigate what happens when witnesses remember together. In the eyewitness literature, memory has been portrayed as unreliable and malleable. Further, research on discussion between witnesses has focused almost exclusively on its potential negative consequences, […]

Geographical Profiling

In the Geographical Profiling project, ALLP members investigate how offenders select locations to commit crimes, how they move from and to the crime scene, and which geographical pattern can be observed in offenders’ criminal careers. In his Ph.D. research, Jasper van der Kemp (supervised by Peter van Koppen and Henk Elffers) examined the so-called modus […]


In the research project Bodycams, financed by the Police & Science programme, legal psychologist Dr. Annelies Vredeveldt and criminal law scholar Linda Kesteloo, LL.M. investigate the influence of bodycams on the evidence in criminal cases. The use of bodyworn cameras (bodycams) for police officers is getting more and more popular in The Netherlands and abroad. The primary reasons […]