The death of a police candidate and the invisible stabbing

Two new books have been published in the Reasonable Doubt series: De dood van een politie-aspirant and de onzichtbare steekpartij.

The book ‘De dood van een politie-aspirant‘ (The death of a police candidate) discusses the murder case of an aspiring police officer who was found dead in her apartment with a gunshot wound to the head. Immediately, her ex-boyfriend and father of her two children became the main suspect in the case. Since all evidence seemed compelling at first, the ex-boyfriend was convicted, while continuously claiming his innocence. However, thorough analysis of the available evidence revealed that all evidence was indirect and alternative scenarios were lacking. Is it possible that he was telling the truth all along?


The second book, De onzichtbare steekpartij (The invisible stabbing), reviews the case of a mysterious stabbing. During the celebration of Carnival in 2012, a man was stabbed twice after he and his friend got involved in a verbal and physical fight with two other men. While his friend was fighting one of them, the victim was found stabbed in the bushes. He eventually died from his injuries. One of the two men, claiming to be innocent, was convicted after he was accused by the other. Was the accusation true? And how is it possible nobody saw who stabbed the victim?