New book in Reasonable Doubt series: De Zwolse Zwendel

A new book has been published in the Reasonable Doubt series: De Zwolse zwendel.

De Zwolse zwendel (‘The Zwolse scam’) discusses the death of Rudi, a 76-year-old woman who was found dead at the bottom of her staircase. The forensic examiner ruled her death an accident. After Rudi was cremated, it was discovered that, on the day of her death, a large sum of money was transferred from her bank account to an acquaintance: Gerard. Rudi had previously reported Gerard to the police because he had threatened her. The police started a murder investigation and suspected Gerard of abusing Rudi for her money until she died. The forensic examiner reported that he had called Rudi’s doctor for more information, but the doctor denied that this happened. Gerard was convicted for manslaughter and the forensic examiner for perjury. Was Rudi’s death an accident or not? Did Gerard have anything to do with her death? And what about the phone call to the doctor?