♦ Recent projects ♦

Disclosing evidence in suspect interviews

The research project on disclosing evidence in suspect interviews is a substantive attempt to bring research into practice. This effort […]

Eyewitness memory in cross-cultural contexts

The research project Eyewitness Memory in Cross-Cultural Contexts is a collaborative project of the Amsterdam Laboratory for Legal Psychology (ALLP) […]

Expert Witnesses

The Expert Witnesses project concerns reporting by legal psychological experts in legal cases. The Netherlands Register of Court Experts (NRGD), […]

Validity of Statements

In the research project Validity of Statements, ALLP members examine how we can determine to what extent statements by witnesses, […]

Eyewitness collaboration

In the research project Eyewitness Collaboration, financed by the Society in Science in Switzerland, Dr. Annelies Vredeveldt and Prof. Peter van […]

Geographical Profiling

In the Geographical Profiling project, ALLP members investigate how offenders select locations to commit crimes, how they move from and […]


In the research project Bodycams, financed by the Police & Science programme, legal psychologist Dr. Annelies Vredeveldt and criminal law scholar Linda […]